The Transgender Agenda: I didn’t sign up for this!

So often in today's world we hear about the "transgender agenda" but for most trans people the only agenda is being comfortable in our own skin. I, like most transsexuals, just want to be able to change myself medically and move on with my life as a Man; what is between my legs is between me and my wife. That is MY TRANS AGENDA!

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The Truth About Employment as a Transsexual Man.

Human Resources and other managers know the laws that govern discrimination and a company is NOT required to allow you to use any other name other than your legal name. Since that is the case we need to be more tactful. We have to play the HR-game.

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Being Stealth

Its because I am STEALTH. I have had the experience of the "other side." I have lived half my life in the LGBT community and half my life in the "mainstream" community during the same time period. By doing so I have seen pure hatred and disgust of a person because of their beliefs. I have seen people disregard another human being because of their sexuality.

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I’m like a ‘Spork’ in a Spoon and Fork World

There are a few unspoken rules for public men's rooms: Don't speak to another man unless you know him (and even then you better be CLOSE friends...or drunk)  NEVER look at another man's penis. Don't make eye contact at all Get in, do your business, and GET OUT.

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Fuck these Fucking Hormone Shots

For anyone that happens to read this because they are afraid of needles or nervous about taking injections for the rest of their lives, or fearful of having blood drawn -  "You need to come nah and get past this, honey. You damn near grown now you need to just get over it, ain't no body like needles!"

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A different kind of journey

I have had zero issues with my transition. I have not been a victim of a hate crime, I have never been discriminated against for being transgender and my VERY-christian family fully accepts me. My name and gender have NOT changed from birth, a name which is VERY female, nor have I had any surgeries. I discovered my true self in 2007 and began hormones in 2011, so I am not exactly fresh meant, if you catch my drift.

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